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Promoting your business online can be seriously puzzling. We give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.


Our done for you marketing system provides you with a clean and simple solution that enables the right customers to find you in the right places in the right way. Consistently, with no guess work or endless trial and error. 

Let’s get straight to the point. Effective small business advertising in this day and age revolves around Google and how and where your business information is presented on it.

Yellow pages have ceased printed versions of it’s directory and significantly less of us read traditional newspapers. This leaves local radio and TV advertising as the main alternatives, which firstly, are very expensive. Secondly are almost impossible to measure, in terms of both reach and effectiveness; and thirdly, they are broadcast to an ever-shrinking audience who are moving towards online streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify. 

In short, consumers are just about numb to traditional marketing and don’t enjoy or respond well to being sold to. If people are in need of a service, a particular product or general information, they will seek it out, if and when they want it, using… Google!

It seems like a simple enough solution. Get a website made for your company and your very own digital shopfront will welcome eager visitors like clockwork and all will be well. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Having a well-designed, shiny, in-depth website is all well and good for a business. However, in most cases, it’s a bit like having an expensive, custom brochure printed for your company; showcasing your services, your professional background and so on and then putting this beautiful, new brochure in to a cupboard in your kitchen and never speaking of it again. Clearly, nobody is ever going to see it unless they happen to be nosing around your kitchen and stumble across it by accident! 

That’s the biggest oversite in an age of various do it yourself web-builder software or hyped up lead page and funnel creation companies; it only solves the first part of the problem and conveniently forgets to mention the bigger issue of getting your message seen by a single potential customer.

You see, even if you’re a niche service provider in a relatively small town, the search engine results will still number in the thousands for your particular market. Anyone looking for your specific offering; upon typing a related general query in to Google – for instance, ‘Plumbers in Warwick’ will be presented with a vast selection of businesses and related information and 75% of the time, users won’t bother searching past the first page of results. So, unless your website miraculously appears within the first 10 listings for a related Google search, you aren’t going to receive a solitary inquiry!

There are various paid directories, usually for trades or gimmicky ‘best of’ type offerings, but these are essentially charging you to be listed on a directory website amongst most of your competitors, which is then listed within the Google results. Basically a directory within a directory!

Now you can get around this almost instantly, by paying to appear in the sponsored listings at the top of the page. These listings work on a pay per click basis, which are convenient and can potentially work very well, if you know what you’re doing. However, they can prove extremely expensive depending on the level of competition in your area, with a single click sometimes costing upwards of £20! Just a handful of clicks each day from internet users, browsing for quotes will set you back some £3000 per month, with no guarantee of a return, and that’s without considering malicious competitors or automated bots clicking on your ads either!

There is, however, another method to help your website gradually work it’s way in to the organic (free to click) listings for a related Google search term. This is a process known as search engine optimisation (SEO). Unlike pay per click ads this isn’t an instant fix whereby your listing will appear in a matter of minutes. SEO is a longer term process that adheres to a specific criteria, which lets Google know that a website is suitable and ‘worthy’ of being placed in the top search positions for a particular search term.

The only BIG drawback to SEO is that it’s difficult to master, very time consuming and forever changing. What used to guarantee a first page placement five years ago would not often produce the same outcome today.

I realised this myself several years ago when I’d discovered that the old ‘build it and they will come’ adage most definitely didn’t apply to websites!

Learning  the ropes

After getting to grips with building basic websites and wondering why nobody ever visited them, I stumbled across a website offering an SEO tuition course which cost about £40 per month to enrol on. I spent countless hours learning the best practices and industry tricks of the trade but constantly came across other SEO information which contradicted the information I had already learnt and left me feeling more confused than I had been at the beginning of my SEO education.   

After many months I eventually had a firm grasp of the main principles of search engine optimisation and started to see some small, gradual results with my websites. However there still seemed to be a substantial missing piece of the puzzle and the more I researched how to improve things the more it seemed I needed to learn and implement to attain a first page ranking for my websites.