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SEO (search engine optimisation) and digital marketing are now the most crucial promotional element to any business wanting to attain a constant stream of targeted customers. Traditional advertising in printed media, via radio or even television is no longer an attractive financial gamble whereby substantial investment was handed over and fingers were crossed for some kind of result.

In 2018, people requiring your products or services will come to you. And they will search for and find you using Google or one of the less popular search engines.

However, to ensure that you are found, it is absolutely imperative that your website is listed organically and consistently on the first page of results shown for the relevant terms and locations related to your business.

To achieve this is by no means an easy feat. Google generates the majority of its revenue from paid advertising and it is in their own best interests to make it more and more complex to achieve an organic listing, thus forcing website owners to buy advertising space for related search terms using pay per click ads which can add up to huge amounts of money.

In previous years SEO was a much simpler affair and all that was needed aside from good on page SEO was a lot of spam with more links and more key word density equalling better in Google’s eyes, and in turn better rankings.

Modern Google is a very different animal and websites need to play a vastly different ball game to be considered worthy and above all relevant to achieve a page one listing. A list of some 200 criteria must be adhered to, though much of these are fairly common sense based, but do require a high level of technical and strategic understanding in order to implement them correctly.

For instance, on page SEO, particularly content which is original, lengthy and relevant, but not unnaturally relevant is key. Also anchor text diversity for your links which need to be editorial not asked for is another big factor yet the really big difference which has been bought about with the recent Google algorithm updates is that a much larger emphasis has been placed on social media activity to determine a websites ranking in the search engine results.

This activity that convinces Google that your website is worthy of higher placement in the SERPS is based mainly on genuine shares, likes and retweets etc. To achieve this requires the creation, distribution and ongoing management of quality content which attracts people’s interest and compels them to show their friends and followers via shares, likes and retweets.

The majority of SEO services available have not cottoned on to these big changes and will still go about business using the same old tricks which simply will not work in this day and age.

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